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Through powerful storytelling, we touch lives, drive engagement, influence consumer behavior, and grow brands. Understanding user journey, empathizing with stakeholders, and with powerful use of data and facts, we create stories that leave imprints

Smart Magic Productions is a one-stop solution right from ideation and storyboarding to distribution we have got you covered!
TV Ads

Even today, TV commercials remain the most effective form of advertisement to launch your brand across a region or the country. TV commercials enable you to reach a large audience, build substantial awareness, earn credibility and even drive sales.

We at Smart Magic Productions add nostalgia, humour, gratitude, happiness, and all other kinds of emotions that consumers can relate to. Smart Magic Productions crafts innovative concepts that help your brand stand out in the industry

Digital Ads

Smart Magic Productions thrives at the intersection of creativity and digital platforms. By leveraging digital advertising, we can help your brand generate leads, enjoy awareness, target specific audiences etc. Our digital experts are well versed in running digital ads across multiple platforms. Reach your customer on the go – anytime and anywhere to gain a competitive advantage


Consumption of OTT platforms has increased from 181 billion to 204 billion as of 2021. OTT ads have made it possible for brands to reach out to their potential audiences at highly competitive rates. OTT platforms also enable advertisers to target their audiences across age, gender, genre, location, language, device price etc. Advertisers can also reach out to specific audience segments based on interests, for example: sports, music, gaming, fashion enthusiasts etc. We understand audiences and create OTT ads that resonate with the audiences.

Cinema Ads

In a multiplex or a theatre, audiences are highly attentive and deeply receptive to the message that you are trying to drive. Considering this, we craft stories that weave original ideas with suitable emotions. We also can spruce up these stories with animations and visual effects

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